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10 things about me!

Hi, welcome to my first blog post, ive been set a challenge to write 10 things you may not know about me. So here you go!

1. What is my proudest accomplishment?

I would have to say getting to where I am today, that might not seem like an accomplishment to some but for me it’s huge. My childhood wasn’t the best I had to overcome many things as a child and teen with very little support. It wasn’t until I met my partner (11 years ago nearly) that my life settled down a bit and we went on to have 3 amazing children. It hasn’t always been easy, ive suffered with my mental health for as long as I can remember, having a family and setting up my business while coping with things has and will always be my biggest achievement.

2. What is my favourite TV show?

Eastenders. Without a doubt, lol. It seems silly but I grew up watching it, and love sitting down at the end of the day to relax and watch a bit of made up drama. I have memories as a kid sitting on the sofa with my mum watching it laughing at peggy yelling ‘get out my pub!!’.

3. How many tattoos and piercing do you have?

I have all 3 kids names on my wrist, 4 butterflies on my arm, and an infinity sign with ‘little fighter’ on the back of my neck. I love tattoos and would happily have more, but I like to take my time in choosing them to make sure I like what im permanently putting on my body and also to make sure it means something. My infinity tattoo is in honour of my youngest son, at 5 weeks he got rushed into icu with a collapsed lung and pneumonia, he fought amazingly and we dubbed him a little fighter. It’s something as a parent I’ll never forget. I have 10 piercings, I used to have more but a few closed up over the years and some need to be redone. I have 2 sets in my lower lobes, tongue, my tragus, scaffold (industrial), my conch my nose and a medusa piercing. My most painful one was my daith, the person who did it put it in too deep and only days later it had to come out as it hit a nerve!! Eek!! But id happily try again lol. My oldest piercing is my tongue, I had it done at 18 so that’s almost 18 years ago!!

4. What is my most unusual/severe illness?

So I wouldn’t say it’s unusual as its becoming more common (or better known now). But im diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Ive learnt my limit on what I can and cannot do, and do occasionally have days where I can’t do much at all. But for the most part I am able to live a fairly normal active life.

5. What is my favourite season?

So I like them all for different reasons, but I quite like the spring the best. Winter is always too cold for me, summer is always far too hot. Spring is usually the right temperature for me not to die sweating lol.

6. What book am I currently reading?

Im currently reading is called poison orchids by Sarah A. Denzil & Anni Taylor. It’s a psychological thriller and one of my guilty pleasure genres at the moment. My partner got me a paper light kindle for Christmas and it’s probably the best invention going at the moment. Lol. Other than that I love authors like Cathy glass.

7. What super power would I love to possess?

I love to be able to split myself into two, or maybe three! Theres never enough hours in the day and I always have something I need to do (don’t we all!) lol. Id have one for working, one for the cleaning and cooking, and another for the kids. Lol.

8. What’s one thing I cannot live without?

Comfort. Weather that’s comfy shoes, comfy clothes, or comfy bed. I need it. I hate being uncomfortable. It drives me mad. Lol. Even when im driving I hate things being twisted or something. Lol.

9. What is my worst job?

So I once started working in a nursery, the problem wasn’t with the children. But the staff ended up being really horrible and started making up stuff to the manager about me. Bare in mind id only been there 2 weeks. But I ended up walking out mid shift one day as I literally couldn’t take it no more and eventually the manager took their side. It wasn’t a nice environment and it was obvious to me the staff where quite cliquey. So I left!

10. What travel destination would I like to go to?

So this is going to sound mad, but ive never been on a plane before, and im terrified of the prospect. Lol. But I’d love to go to northern Thailand and visit the elephant sanctuary. Their favourite animal and I sponsor a herd in Asia through the born free charity. The sanctuary offers a whole experience package where you can get up and close with them and it would be a complete dream to do that. However being on a plane for a whole day almost terrifies me lol.

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