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Terms and Conditions 

1, Appointments & bookings

2, Hair consultations and skin tests

3, Cancelations 

4, Payment & deposits

5, Working hours & areas

6, Pricing

7, Complaints procedure 

8, Other useful information

1, Appointments & bookings 

Please call, email or text me to make or inquire about a booking or to make an appointment. These details can be found via my home page and clicking on my contact details. I can also be reached through many other means such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. 

All appointments are taken through my online booking system - Fresha - also, I only accept booking where they are logged through this system. I can manually book them or you are welcome to book yourself. 

All appointments must be confirmed inline with my cancelation policy (please see below) a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment or may end up being cancelled by myself to make the space free for another client. It is important to message me if there are any problems as I am flexible on this point, but without any communication I will assume the appointment is no longer wanted. 


For all new Colour clients including highlights, please book a Hair consultation appointment a minimum of 48 hours prior to your colour, this is non optional and includes a patch test to test for allergies against the products I use. (please see more details below)

2, Hair consultations/skin tests

Hair consultations are up to a 30 minute appointments. During this appointment I will colour match you, discus your previous hair colours, ask about your colour goals and advise about the best method to achieve these. I will also skin test you with the products I use or intend to use, this is non optional as without doing so voids my insurance as it is a legal requirement but most importantly does not check for any allergies to my products. During the appointment I may also take a small test strand, this will be used to check against the intended colour or lightener and also to ensure your hair is healthy enough to be coloured. This service is also needed for highlights to allow for a toner to being used if needed.


I keep detailed and secure records of the consultation and future colour appointments, but I also ask for you to sign a record form which gives details about skin testing and the date the skin test was conducted. A copy can be obtained prior to your appointment if you would like to know what you are signing. 

The cost of the appointment is from £25. Should you wish to then book a colour service,  £20 of the consultation fee will be deducted upon the completion of a colour service. This is non refundable and is not a deposit. The fee is only deductible on colour services, and only for colour services booked and carried out within a 30 day period, outside of this time frame may result in the fee not being deducted. However I am flexible if there is a genuine reason or issue arising. 

3, Cancelation Policy 

I operate a 48 hour cancellation. If you cancel within 48 hours prior to the appointment a 50% fee will be applied and taken automatically - however - if circumstances beyond your control happen i.e. severe illness, child hospitalisation etc then this fee will not apply. A 100% fee will be applied if I happen to turn up at your house and your either not in or do not answer.


If you choose to text or call me to cancel your appointment I will mark the appointment as cancelled through my online booking system, this then automatically collects the cancellation or no show fee. 

4, Payments and deposits

All payments are to be made in person at the end of your appointment by cash or card. I carry a contactless card reader at all times, bank transfer or PayPal is not optional neither is payment the next day or payday. 

Deposits are only required for brides/bridal parties and large group bookings. This is a fee of £50, and can be paid remotely though a secure payment link I can send you.

This deposit is then is deducted off your total bill at the end of the appointment. For large group bookings paying individually, the deposit will either be deducted equally or for the person who paid it. 

Deposits must be paid within 30 working days of an event or appointment and is non refundable. 

The deposit is non transferable to another appointment but may be transferred to another date so long as I have date free, if I do not have the date free and it is not within 7 working days of change I will refund the deposit in whole. 

5, Working hours & area

As of April 2021:

Monday 9am to 2pm

Tuesday 9am to 2pm & from 5pm to 8pm

Wednesday 9am to 2pm

Thursdays 9am to 2pm & from 5pm to 8pm

Friday 9am to 2pm

Saturday 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm 

Sunday closed 

Opening hours are subject to change, however I am flexible in my working hours for instance if there genuinely is a day or time you cannot do i will try my best to accommodate you. Additionally I also accept booking for special occasions and weddings on Sundays. 

I cover the whole of Leicester and Leicestershire, however outside of a 5 mile radius I may have to charge a small added fee to cover millage. But please contact me if you are ever unsure. 

6, Pricing

All pricing listed is correct as of April 2021. However all prices are 'from' and are not fixed. This is to account for differences in millage and hair length or density. A price will be provided upon booking/quotation. For colours and lightening services or anything that required a custom colour, a price will be sent after a consultation appointment. 

7, Complaints procedure. 

In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with a service supplied by BEAUTYANDHAIRSOLOVELY please contact EMMA JOHNSON within 48 hours of having the service done to advise of any issues you have. BEAUTYBEAUTYANDHAIRSOLOVELY will rectify this promptly, either by redoing the service free of charge (within reason) or giving you a full refund if there is a genuine fault.

No other compensation will be offered. Any matters raised outside of the 48 hour grace period may be subject to a full charge. Where it is seen that the advised aftercare is not observed or having another professional provide a service, voids the service I have performed and therefore I am under no obligation to offer a refund or to redo the service or treatment.    

8, Other information.

When booking please provide your address in the additional comments section. Or message me directly with this information. It would also be helpful if you could provide any details of parking if there is lack of parking or paid parking etc, as alot of the time my bags and equipment is heavy. 

I usually do not require any additional equipment or anything to be done in preparation of your appointment, however adequate space and a chair is required. 

Please note, I do not offer men's haircuts, perms, wet sets, waxing, lashes, brows or threading. 

Additionally I only accept child haircuts when booking alongside an adult, please message me direct for a price. 

Please ensure children (especially babies and below 5years old) are accompanied by an adult at all times, are able to sit unaided or on a parents knee. Due to the sharpness of my scissors, safety precautions need to be kept, and therefore if a child is unable to sit still or is particularly upset for what ever reason I will be unable to safely cut their hair. Having kids myself i do understand that they cannot always sit still, so I am very patient and do allow them to move about if needed. 

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